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what happens when I get bored  by howl99 what happens when I get bored :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
My guide
You were supposed to be my light, my guide.
Sure, you guided me, but not where you said you would.
You promised me light, yet you guided me into the dark.
You promised me life, yet you gave death.
You earned my trust but when I gave it to you, you threw it to the ground an stomped on it.
So, my trust you broke, and with it, my heart.
Everybody knows you can't live when your heart's not working
:iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
Seing the snow was nice, it reminded me of you. Light, pale and beautiful. Yet, I frown... It reminded me of you... I didn't understand why that made me frown. Until a minute later. You weren't with me... You were with him.
I kept staring and frowning at the snow. Thinking that, maybe, if I stared hard enough it might go away, taking the memories of you with it. All the good times we had now feels like torture. I lost you, you’re no longer mine. I won’t cry, you made your choice. I can’t change your mind, I never could.
:iconhowl99:howl99 1 0
Sans by howl99 Sans :iconhowl99:howl99 1 0 Dragontroll  by howl99 Dragontroll :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0 Rose by howl99 Rose :iconhowl99:howl99 1 4 Humane kurloz maybe by howl99 Humane kurloz maybe :iconhowl99:howl99 1 0 Random photo by howl99 Random photo :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
He really wasn't immortal
It only took a few seconds then he was laying on the ground with a knife trough his chest. He never thought it would end this way, he was just gonna show the guy that threatened him and his brother with a knife that he didn't take shit from anybody, especially when his little brother was with him. He had never lost a fight before but he hadn't anticipated that the guy would be so fast. He knew that he would have to leave his little guy sooner or later, apparently he had to leave him sooner. He didn't want anything more than to turn his head away from his brother but he knew that his time was up soon, and he wanted his brother to be the last thing he saw before he died.
Daniel never thought he would have to see his brother laying on the ground with a knife in his chest. He knew Derek would die, after all he knew Derek wasn't immortal but it still felt so unreal. He didn't want to see his brothers white shirt turn red but he couldn't pull his eyes away from the nightmarish sight. He had
:iconhowl99:howl99 0 0
Homestuck OC Wolf Loganite by howl99 Homestuck OC Wolf Loganite :iconhowl99:howl99 3 44 Halloween by howl99 Halloween :iconhowl99:howl99 6 261 Dualeyed Wolf by howl99 Dualeyed Wolf :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0 Halloween by howl99 Halloween :iconhowl99:howl99 2 2 Squarewave by howl99 Squarewave :iconhowl99:howl99 2 4 Untitled by howl99 Untitled :iconhowl99:howl99 0 0 Sawtooth by howl99 Sawtooth :iconhowl99:howl99 2 4


The Engineer || Jesse McCree x Male!Reader 1
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
Jesse McCree was sipping an Americano coffee in a small cafe in America. His eyes were focused on something outside the bay window of the cafe, across the street, sitting on the fountain edge. The person had mohawked, red hair, a black, well-worn leather jacket, black trousers, and combat boots. Piercings the size of a water bottle cap were in his ears, along with spiked hoops on the shell on his ear, along with T-rex bites. His skin was tanned, and eyes were sunken into his skull.
”You have a visual, McCree?" His comm spoke in his ear, the voice easily recognizable as Agent Jack ‘Soldier 76’ Morrison.
“Yeah. Copy that.” Jesse replied into his coffee, the target sitting with his ankles crossed, a black suitcase with metal lining and designs on the case, and a electronic lock. “No one’s approached him yet.”
”I think I see the buyer, s
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 25 16
The Prankster || Genji Shimada x Male!Reader I
Reader is the adopted son of Jack Morrison
Fandom - Overwatch
Overwatch © Jeff Kaplan / Blizzard
A new semester was starting at Overwatch University. Old and new students flocked to the white and orange accented building, chatter and reunions in the air. Class for the new semester started officially tomorrow, the Headmaster, Jack Morrison, giving students a day to catch up with old friends and teachers, give tours on campus to new students, and let people move into their dorms.
Genji Shimada was excited for the uni lifestyle, bouncing in place. He was excited for the frats, for the pranks, for the parties, for the future hangovers and hookups. Hanzo, his stoic and serious brother, glared at him as a silent way to tell him to calm down. Both the Shimada brothers were new to Overwatch Uni; Hanzo being a new second year. They just moved from Japan to America to escape their controlling family. They made a deal with their father to live in Americ
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 16 11
DC Universe: Fun and games
(Raven x Male Reader)

There are some beings in this universe capable of destroying it without breaking a sweat, others that would do it if they had a chance. And some others that could, but try their best in handling their inner demons, for everybody's sake
But this brings the question: Who to fear?
Someone who fights for control over their demons
Or someone who embraced them long ago?
Manhattan, Titans Tower. 12:47 PM
It was a normal day for the superhero group known as the Teen Titans, some of them were playing video games, others were training to be better
And then there was Raven, alone in her room, meditating as she usually did, staying away from her teammates while she cleansed her own soul
However, this process was meet with the arrival of something else, something dark
Raven could find herself in the middle of nowhere, everything was completely black
???: Come to us, Raven
She looked back to find the source of this but failing
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 28 5
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 332 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 332 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 486 45 Africa -Page 124 by ARVEN92 Africa -Page 124 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 795 123
Xenomorph!M!Reader x Tali (Mass Effect)
Chapter 1: Worse then a Krogan
(F/N) turns into a Flying Xenomorph and flies, until he feels a big amount of pressure on his back, he snaps his head to see-
'A Hunter?!'
The Predator aims his cannon and shoots at (F/N)'s face, which did nothing.
(F/N) hisses at the Predator and starts spinning to throw the Predator off, but it had an iron grip, (F/N) goes up and puts both arms together by his side, the Predator pulls out a Ceremonial Knife type, and tries to plunge it in (F/N)'s chest, (F/N) caught the arm, they both fall in the ocean and struggle, (F/N) emerges from the surface and keeps spinning.
"What the hell is that?!"
"Call C-Sec!"
They both keep spinning in the air, then (F/N) dives back towards the water, only to hit something else, ground, and (F/N) was on top of the Predator, the Predator kicks (F/N) off him they both spring up, the Predator brings out its st
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 34 8
A Fresh Start (Avengers x Male Reader) Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Another day has dawned, a few hours ago in fact. It is now midday. At this particular moment in time you are sat at the bar in the lounge, your preferred beverage in hand as you enjoy some silence. Your mind awash with different subjects of importance of late.
First, your mind goes to the unexpected events of last night...
'A part of me can't believe I managed to do that. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did it – it's not as if I did anything wrong; far from it. I stopped someone from robbing a store, I made sure three people were safe especially the little boy, they could've gotten hurt. What surprises me is that I actually managed to do that so easily. It felt good, too.
You take a sip. Pacing yourself.
'Something like what I did to that guy should've torn my stitches, or hurt even more. But it didn't. I'll have to talk to someone about it at some point, Bruce might know what's up with me. Then again, I think I'd better wait until I'm certain it's serious. Last
:iconvanguardoffire:VanguardofFire 16 7
Cocoa and Cuddles (Deadpool x Reader)
It was late on Christmas Eve. I was walking home from some late night shopping. Just a few forgotten ingredients for the big dinner tomorrow. The snow was falling softly on the ground. The street, abandoned. Street lamps and Christmas lights the only light source. A few delicate stars glistening in the sky. The sheer beauty of the scenes before me was almost enough to make me forget about the cold. Almost. It was cold as fuck out. Especially this late at night, and no amount of beautiful scenery is going to make me forget about how hard I’m shivering. I definitely should have brought a heavier jacket.
When I made it home my neighbor had to buzz me in because, as luck would have it, I forgot my keys! I just prayed I forgot to lock my door too. I stepped into the elevator and set my grocery bag down. I rubbed my hands together, trying to get some feeling back into them. Tinny Christmas instrumentals played over the speaker in the elevator. The elevator ride always seems too slow to
:iconxxxgoawaynowxxx:XxxGoAwayNowxxX 13 0
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 331 by ARVEN92 Chakra -B.O.T. Page 331 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 466 54 Lady Zephyr by ARVEN92 Lady Zephyr :iconarven92:ARVEN92 530 28 MCL 95 - An Old Favourite by TMNT-Raph-fan MCL 95 - An Old Favourite :icontmnt-raph-fan:TMNT-Raph-fan 5 0
Hogwarts Demon I [Fred Weasley x Male Reader]
The Great Hall was filled with students and awaiting silence, it was time for the revelation of the upcoming Champions of the Triwizard Tournament. Excitement and nerve racking adrenaline rushed through almost everyone veins.
(M/N) was already annoyed from the Event, it wasn't really interesting or special at all. Always the same schools with the same three task and the audience will just sit their ass flat for hours. Then again people or more the Players could be either deadly injured or the they could die. Honestly it didn't sounds pleasant or awesome at all. Not one bit. But he couldn't deny that he felt a tiny spark of curiosity in his veins.
«Now the moment you've all been waiting for, the Champion selection!», Dumbledore approaches the blue flames and it glows red. The first paper flew out. «The Drumstrang champion is......Viktor Krum!» The Crowd of Drumstrang cheered loudly and the others just clapped. Another flew out, «Champion for Beauxbatons......Fle
:iconmercy8grace:Mercy8Grace 10 0
Flames (El Diablo x Male!Reader)
Over the months that you had known and started dating Chato Santana, you’d grown to love the tough but occasionally sensitive man. You’ actually been surprised that he reciprocated your feelings during your confession and it had made you the happiest man alive.
However, you knew that Chato had powers as well as a dark side. He had only ever mentioned the flames once but you’d never seen them for yourself. It wasn’t that you weren’t curious. In fact, you had a hard time believing in such magic, especially within someone you were getting to know so well.
Since he never brought it up, you never asked nor questioned why he never used his powers. To you, it seemed like such a useful thing to have for everything from protection to cooking. Regardless, you didn’t want to bring up any trauma of the past that may have been to blame for his reluctance.
Many more happy months passed but with each day, your curiosity grew deeper. You started trying to sneak glan
:iconphoenixremixed:PhoenixRemixed 14 5
EGG DISHES by uotapo EGG DISHES :iconuotapo:uotapo 1,097 155 Africa -Page 122 by ARVEN92 Africa -Page 122 :iconarven92:ARVEN92 984 167
Spider-Man x M!Criminal!Reader- Chapter 4
Spider-Man x Male!Criminal!Reader {Chapter 4}
“I am highly disappointed in you. Highly.” Tony said as he paced in front of Peter. “What you did was beyond irrational and stupid. You helped the criminal. That’s an offense on your part.” Tony shook his finger at Peter as if he were trying to scold him like he was a child. Peter glared at Tony. “You abused your kid. No wonder he’s so twisted. That’s an offense on your part.” Peter spat back. The billionaire’s jaw worked as he stared hard at Peter.
“Gimme the suit.” Peter’s face crumbled. “W-what?” Tony held out his hand, fingers twitching to kiss his palm. “The suit, give it. Maybe it’ll teach you how to be grateful and tell you which side to choose next time.” Peter’s mouth dropped open, and he immediately started to spew apologies. “Mr. Stark, please, you can’
:iconairbournsovietwomble:AirbournSovietWomble 13 0


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  Thirteen facts about me that everybody wants to know! (Can you feel the sarcasm?)

  1: I'm Swedish 


  3: I love hetalia and creepypasta

  4: I'm bisexual 

  5: I'm a girl but I have been mistaken for a boy several times

  6: I spend most of my time drawing, listening to music or writing raps

  7: I believe in the whole "strength in numbers" but I prefer doing everything on my own so I won't feel bad if someone I'm with gets hurt

  8: I usually listen to Hollywood Undead or Creature Feature

  9: Linkin Park is awesome 

  10: I have anxiety 

  11: I love transformers!

  12: I can be "slightly" perverted (more like hella perverted)

  13: I am awesome! (Or that's what I tell myself anyway)

Answering time!

  1. Do you like fanfictions? [yes, yes I do :) ]

  2. Are you a fan of any animes? [Yes, Hetalia and Death note actually! Kesesesese~!]


  4. How many lemons do you think you've read in your life? [I was going to say too many... But there is no such thing as too many lemons XD]

  5. What is your favourite video game? [I have a favorite game series since I can't choose one so I'll have to say the assassins creed series]

  6. Favorite character from that game? [AltaÏr Ibn La-Ahad or Edward Kenway]

  7. What would you do if your brother (or cousin or other male member of your family) was suddenly attracted to your male best friend? [ I would support my friend but I would most probably threaten my cousin about ever hurting him]

  8. Do you even have a best friend? [Of course I do! I'm awesome!]

  9. Lol of course you do. What's your favourite thing about your Bestie? [That she's just as awesome as me! She's my moirail! She listens when I have to vent and rant]

  10. Do you have any pets? [I have fishes... But they're boring]

  11. What is your favorite icon on DeviantArt? [I actually don't know, here's so many good ones!]

  12. What is your all time favorite Male!reader story? [That's a tough question... But anything that's a lemon...]

  13. Were you annoyed by my questions? [Nope! :D]


1: Do you like waffles~?

2: Do you like creepypasta? 

3: If so, who's your favorite creep?

4: Do you like Hollywood Undead?

5:Autobots or Decepticons?

6: Do you feel awesome?

7: Nothing is true, Everything is...?

8: Xbox or Playstation?

9: Do you like transformers?

10: If not... Then do you like bionicle?

11: What nationality are you?

12: Do you see the rest of your fandom or fandoms as family?

13: What is your favorite song?



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Prussia Talking IconAPH Prussia tackle hug 


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Cassandra Jönsson
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
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I love homestuck




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